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Generic Flagyl 200mg & Flagyl 400mg (Metronidazole)

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Flagyl is an antibacterial medication used for treatment of certain vaginal infections and infections urinary tracts in men and women; amoebic dysentery and dysenteric abscess of the liver; abdominal infections; infections of the skin, the muscles, the brain, the lungs and the heart, caused by certain bacteria. We supply only 100% tested Flagyl online.

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GENERIC NAME: Metronidazole

STORAGE: Flagyl Metronidazole should be stored at room temperature and protected from light.

PREPARATIONS: Tablets: 250 mg and 500 mg; Tablets, extended release: 750 mg; Capsule: 375 mg; Cream: 0.75% and 1%; Lotion: 0.75%; Gel: 0.75%; 1%. Injection: 5 mg/ml

MANUFACTURERS: Piramal, Vikram

AVAILABLE: FLAGYL, Metronidazole ip

How to use Metronidazole Flagyl
Flagyl works better, when used on the regular basis and remains permanently in the blood. Take your doses at equal time gaps in the day and night, and try not to miss any prescribed dose.

If you treat trichomoniasis, the sexually transmitted disease, probably your doctor will recommend your partner to pass the treatment with you even if he does not observe the symptoms. To prevent infection, try to avoid any sexual contacts till an infection is not completely cured. If you have sex, use a condom.

Flagyl pills can be taken irrespectively of food. Metronidazole may cause dry mouth. To solve this problem, try a candy, chewing gum, or ice. You can order cheap Flagyl without prescription. Buy more Metronidazole online and spend less with our great discount system.

If you missed a dose.
Take it as soon as you remember. If it is the time of the next scheduled dose, just skip the missed dose and pass to your usual scheduled dose. Do not take two doses at the same time.

- Standard dosage regimens for various bacterial and parasitic infections are:

- Amebic dysentery: 750 mg orally 3 times daily for 5-10 days.

- Amebic liver abscess: 500 mg - 750 mg orally three times daily for 5-10 days.

- Anaerobic infections: 7.5 mg/kg orally every 6 hours not to exceed 4 grams daily.

- Clostridium difficile infection: 250 mg - 500 mg orally 4 times daily or 500mg - 750mg orally 3 times daily.

- Giardia: 250 mg orally three times daily for 5 days.

- Helicobacter pylori: 800-1500 mg orally daily for several days in combination with other drugs.

- Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): 500 mg orally twice daily for 14 days in combination.

- Trichomoniasis: 2 g single dose or 1 g twice

Metronidazole may be taken orally with or without food, though food or a full glass of water or milk can prevent stomach upset. The liver is primarily responsible for eliminating metronidazole from the body, and doses may need to be reduced in patients with liver disease and abnormal liver function.

What side-effects may be observed?
Side-effects have not been reported. If you observe any unusual conditions, immediately contact the doctor. Your doctor can determine if the further application of Flagyl Metronidazole is safe for you.

Serious side effects include seizures and damage of nerves resulting in numbness, tingling of extremities (peripheral neuropathy), seizures, loss of consciousness, tingling of hands or feet, unsteadiness, mood/mental changes, rash, itching, sore throat, fever, severe stomach pain, vomiting, vaginal irritation. Metronidazole should be stopped if these symptoms appear. If you observe one of the above symptoms, urgently stop drug taking and contact the doctor.

Benefits Of Metronidazole Flagyl
Flagyl well known as Metronidazole kills certain parasites and anaerobic bacteria. If you decided to use this medication you would experience the following benefits:

- Flagyl effectively reduces drug-resistant bacteria development and maintains it.

- It can be used both for treatment and prevention of the diseases caused by bacteria.

- You can use Flagyl to treat different organs: stomach, vagina, joints, skin, and those of respiratory tract.

-It provides you feeling better after the first several doses.

- Flagyl is available and if buying online it doesn't require prescription.

- On our site you can order Metronidazole at lower price.

The most important facts about Flagyl
Do not drink alcohol drinks during the treatment with Generic Flagyl. Their combination may lead to stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and flushes. The drug also can change taste of alcohol. After the discontinuing the treatment with Flagyl, wait at least 72 hours (3 days) before taking alcohol.

Also the over the counter medications containing alcohol, such as certain antitussive medications for cough and cold, are forbidden. Metronidazole online is available at our online pharmacy, reliable and hassle free!

Flagyl Metronidazole and Alcohol
Metronidazole should not be used in conjunction with alcohol due to the potential side effects of vomiting, stomach cramps, upset stomach, headaches, flushing and sweating. You should not consume alcohol for at least three days after completing this medication. This medication interacts with certain prescription medications, so you should inform your physician of any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are taking.

Metronidazole Flagyl may interfere with the results of certain medical blood tests. Inform your doctor you are taking Flagyl if you are to be tested at any time during the regimen.

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